New Year – New You – NEW HAIR!!

As we dip our toes cautiously but optimistically into 2022 my thoughts are turning to the huge variety of hairstyles and hair options available to us this year, and what fun there is to be had.

I’ve so many new ideas to try and I’m really hoping that at last, we’ll be able to show off our crowning glory, to anyone and everyone that might come our way.

Alternative hair, wigs, hair extensions, heat defiant hair, false fringes, thick messy plaits, beautiful virgin remy hair, hair toppers, wavy, straight, curled, short or long – you name it, you can have it! And the colours, WOW, they are just beautiful, from every conceivable blonde mix combination to root length and gradient colours, warm, soft, cool, rich, super cool chic greys, blues & pinks, it’s all out there for the playing with.

It’s Easy – Why Wait?

It’s never been easier to change up your look, for a mood, event or season, whenever and wherever you like. The movie stars have always done it, our music idols do it (probably more than you realise) our reality TV and social media is full of transformations turning your average relatable young lady into the most glamourous, sexy vixen with copious amounts of new hair lol.

So why do most of us hesitate to try something new?

Are we so embarrassed to wear something that feels strange (initially) on our heads, that we think everyone will be staring at us? – Nobody ever is, unless it’s for the right reason, it’s all about the sass! Are we afraid of it all going terribly wrong, that it will fall out, or off, at a very embarrassing moment, or perhaps we expect it to be extremely uncomfortable? – Both unlikely scenarios, these days the level of comfort and security is right up there.

Or is just that we just don’t realise, that there will be some kind alternative hair out there that is perfectly made for us, and to suit absolutely everyone who fancies a change, no matter how small or big that may be.

The world of alternative hair is exploding to new heights every season, it’s becoming more accessible and affordable than ever before for genuinely great products and there are loads to be found in our online shop bylauramayers .

Go on – Have some hair fun!

So maybe next time you are thinking of having all your beautiful hair cut off, cos you’re fancying a short wavy bob for a change, or dying your hair even though you are not sure you really want pink hair ALL of the time, next time you consider having a fringe cut in after you’ve spent years growing it out – have a look round, see what’s out there and the fun to be had – you might surprise yourself!

Love Laura x


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